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Wild-Hearted Collective

A Sacred Space for the Emerging and Evolving Lightworker

You recognize that you are walking this Earth for a reason.


You crave the opportunity to make a difference in your own life and serve humanity as well.

What makes you stand out is that you know you can't do it alone.


You crave the opportunity to connect.

You want to experience that deep connection to your own soul. That kind of relationship where you know how she sounds and what she is guiding you to do.


You yearn to amplify your spiritual gifts and share them with others. 

You want to witness the journey of fellow Lightworkers and align with your Higher Calling.


What makes you so special is that you want to be a part of building others up and walking the path alongside them. 

If any of that resonates, I have just the space for you...


Step Inside

The Wild-Hearted Collective


The Collective is a monthly membership for women who want to CONNECT with Light-minded Soul Sisters and AMPLIFY their spiritual gifts as well as learn new ones. 


New content is released on the 1st of each month and includes:

  • Timeless Pick-A-Card Reading

  • Soul Journey/ Meditation

  • Workbook

  • Guest Lightworker Experience

In addition to the monthly release, you get access to:

  • Exclusive Facebook Group​​​​

  • Weekly Energy and Jumpstart Gatherings

  • Library of Workshops to Explore

  • Support and Mentorship


Get 3 Months for $144


Each month includes a meditation or journey that assists you in connecting with the wisdom of your Soul and Spiritual Support Team. 

A member favorite is Brigit's Eternal Flame Meditation, which you can experience for free here

To get the full effect, download the Soulsheet located beneath the meditation. 

Timeless Pick A Card Reading

On the 1st of every month a new Pick A Card Reading is released.This is a full card reading that you can return to again and again for guidance on how to move forward on your path. 

Members pick from 3 piles and are always shocked by how much it resonates. 

Unsure how a Pick A Card works? Check out this short sample reading here

Weekly Energy and Jumpstart

Every Sunday at 9 AM est, members gather in our private FB group for the LIVE forecast. (Don't worry if you can't make it live, the replay is always available.)

In our gathering, I share channeled messages for the week ahead, guidance on how to utilize the energy, and lead a group meditation. 

Members love this time together and many refer to it as their "church".

Guest Lightworker Experience

One of the highlights of each month is learning from and working with a Guest Lightworker. 

These opportunities are hosted in the Facebook group and allow members to learn, heal, and grow from experts in the field.

Past experiences have included an Introduction to Reiki, a Shamanic Journey, and a tutorial on creating your own Oracle Cards. 

A Few More Highlights

Each month includes a workbook tailored to the month's content. There is always a bonus goodie like a 30-day meditation challenge or channeled message from an Ascended Master inside it.  

To support your process, the Facebook group provides a wealth of resources. Members show up to share their journey and support one another daily. We have weekly threads where you can share your services, links, and gifts. 

AND I have been known to do free card pulls and offer exclusive discounts in there as well.

What Members are Saying...

I really love the membership and I’m so glad I joined! I’m learning so much about how to build my intuition and connect to guides. It’s so crazy to me that just a year ago I wasn’t doing any of this and I would’ve thought I didn’t have “the psychic gift” and thought it impossible to do - yet here we are!!


I love how empowering it is when women learn that we are all responsible for our own energy, and our thoughts and the energy we make then create our realities. It gets me so fired up!! I had also been wanting to work on inner child wounds, shadows, ancestral karma, etc for myself prior to joining the collective.


Being in the group and hearing your weekly channeling has really helped me process some experiences I went through recently to release some of that old baggage. I can’t say enough good things about this group! I seriously love it and keep sending women in my neighborhood your way. You have really created something beautiful and I’m so happy I found it!


Member since May 2020

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