You recognize that you are walking this Earth for a reason. You crave the opportunity to make a difference in your own life and serve humanity as well.


You've read all the books, signed up for all the webinars, and still feel like you're a little lost in how to get started and keep going. 

No matter what phase or chapter you’re in you have an ever growing list of questions and almost no answers. It can feel like the more you learn, the less you know.  


You hear people talking about the light… but you can’t seem to find it.


Let alone BE it.

You have a choice.

You can continue to spin your wheels seeking the right expert or modality to tell you the answers. 



You could learn how to do it for yourself in a community of light-minded women. 


This is the way of the Wild-Hearted Collective. 



It is a sacred space that empowers the awakened woman to tune into herself for answers, live in her divinity, and serve authentically.

Is it for you?

Let's not waste your time. What can the membership offer you.

  • Judgement free space to build sacred connections

  • Support during your journey's darkest moments

  • Calls to action that take your spirituality to the next level

  • Guidance on stepping into your mission and service

  • Workshops that guide you in the "how to" of Spirit

  • Opportunities to explore your self and Source 

  • Tools and tips that align you to the life you want

  • Light-minded sisters to explore your spiritual gifts with

  • Freedom to test out your gifts, services and offerings


What's Included?

Gain access to previously released content as well as new offerings that are released on the first of  every month. 

The membership is organized into modules. Each module includes:

  • Timeless Pick-A-Card Reading

    • 10-13 card tarot/oracle recording designed to support you in gaining clarity and guidance.​

  • Soul Journey/ Meditation

    • A guided meditation or soul experience that connects you to self and Source.​

  • Themed Workbook

    • Pages to process, reflect, and explore the content 

  • Guest Lightworker Experience

    • Heal and learn from a new expert each month.

Modules Available as Soon as You Join Include:


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Inner Child Banner.png

...And Many More!

Still Not Sure?

Take a look at what members have to say about the membership and my work!

"I would love to but..."

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